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Before You Use Your Jump Rope

The jump rope, one of the most seductive tools of boxing. I remember watching the first Rocky movie seeing Sylvester Stallone twirling the rope so fast that you couldn’t even see it, and thinking “Man that is awesome”.

His style and grace were perfect but there was one thing that Rocky had all wrong.

He was jump roping in his boxing shoes. Now this may look great for television but I found out the hard way that what looks good in Hollywood, doesn’t always work in the real world. Because if you jump rope in boxing shoes or any other shoes that do not have the proper fore foot padding, your shins will ache like you know what the next day.

When I first started jump roping I tried to use some running shoes (Nike Air Max, I love these shoes). They were great for running because they have added support and cushion for your heels, but they didn’t do a darn thing when I got on the rope because they do not have a lot of cushion for the fore foot.

The best shoes you can get for jump roping are cross trainers and basketball shoes.

You see when you jump rope all your bodyweight is concentrated on the balls of your feet. And these shoes offer enough cushion and support in this area to absorb the jolting forces and save your shins.

Before you jump rope make sure you have on the proper shoes and your shins will thank you.

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