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Near Field Optics- SNOM, AFM, Raman AFM

Combined NSOM/AFM systems operational in the field, apply with scientific applications - from biological to semiconductor, and from chemical through to telecommunications.

Advanced systems for low temperature NSOM/AFM; environmental chambers; chemical and gas delivery systems; and nano-lithography systems are all part of combined near-field optical microscopes.

Powerful imaging combinations such as combined AFM/NSOM/SEM and combined AFM/NSOM/micro-Raman systems, allow scientists unique experimental set-ups for ground breaking applications.

NSOM (SNOM) systems are for transmission, collection and true reflection. Systems both AFM and NSOM provide for a completely free optical axis from both above and below, thus allowing for transparent SPM integration with standard optical microscopes both upright, inverted and unique dual (or 4pi) microscopes.

The award winning MultiView 1000™ is the first system available that fully integrates all forms of scanned probe microscopy with conventional optical microscopy.

Designed around Nanonics' patented, award winning 3D Flatscan™ scanner technology and incorporating sophisticated cantilevered optical fiber probes, the instrument can simply and transparently be combined with any inverted, upright, or dual optical microscope.

• Simultaneous NSOM/AFM/Confocal Imaging
• Normal Force Sensing Open System Architecture -Transmission, Reflection, and Collection Modes
• Modular and Customized Systems
• Large 70 micron Z range
• Integration with Complementary Techniques
• Wide Range of Scanning Probes
• Electrical and Thermal Measurements

Normal Force Sensing
With cantilevered optical fiber probes, the MultiView 1000™ system does away with much of the complexity associated with near-field imaging. Awkward shear-force techniques are a thing of the past as the normal-force sensing capability of the probe makes tip approach identical to that used in ordinary atomic force microscopy. Large Z Scan Range The large, 70-micron x, y and z-range of the Nanonics 3D Flatscan. makes it ideal for optical sectioning in confocal imaging. Used in this way, the MultiView 1000™ integrates conventional far-field imaging, confocal microscopy, AFM, and near-field optics in a single system.

Open System Architecture - reflection, transmission, and collection imaging The unique geometry of the Nanonics NSOM head and cantilevered probes leaves the optical axis free both above and below the sample, allowing the user to view the tip position during scanning and to perform NSOM imaging in reflection, transmission, and collection modes.

SNOM, AFM, Near field optics, SPM


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