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Acid Reflux Disorder Testing

You know you have a problem with Acid Reflux Heartburn and it is not getting any better. What are you going to do? You can ignore it and hope it goes away. There are risks to this approach that include serious complications, even cancer. Already you are having trouble swallowing. Many times you can cure your acid reflux disorder naturally. However when this approach fails then testing is required.

The alternative is to call the doctor and make an appointment. Just what is the doctor going to do? What tests do you have to endure. One test likely to be given is the Esophageal Motility Study or EMS. Sometimes referred to as esophageal manometry, this test is set to study the esophageal sphincter. Basically the valve that keeps acid from returning up your esophagus which you know as acid reflux or heartburn.

The test is normally an outpatient procedure given at the hospital or local surgical center. The doctor or technician place a catheter in the nose and guides it slowly in to the stomach. One within the stomach the catheter is slowly withdrawn, while measuring pressure changes. As the test takes place you will be asked to swallow small amounts of water or a couple of deep breaths. This allows the technician to measure the function of the sphincter itself.

EMS typically will cause moderate discomfort, that includes gagging or coughing. The more relaxed you are the less discomfort you will feel. Anesthesia not used during the test as they alter the test results and the functioning of the esophageal muscles in particular the sphincter. The entire test usually is done within 45 minutes. Following the test the patient is monitored for a short time then sent home. Most patients can return to work or normal activities. This procedure is sometimes conducted using a fiber optic camera so that the function of the esophagus is viewed to better understand its condition.

Remember not contacting your physician about your acid reflux problem may lead to a more serious condition. Many times you can cure your acid reflux by changing your lifestyle. Your acid reflux heartburn cure may be remedied naturally by changing what we eat and drink. In addition there are several remedies available that use herbal medicines that are very effective.

Remember ignoring your acid reflux disorder can lead to a more serious condition, take action now!

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