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Iron Lungs New Age Underground!

This one’s for the kids. All those out there that never grow up. The kids that spend there waking minutes thinking about their iron lung. The kids that have to spend every night out there sleeping in the iron lungs of today. Yes iron lungs are still around, they have just gone underground. The name has been changed and as such no one thinks they are still around and pushes them undergound.

Porta-lungs are what they are called today. But they are the same devices of yesterday. Their music is the same as the past. They wheeze, hiss, moan and groan just like the old iron lungs of the past. There is not as many around as before but they are still here. The lungs for the kids of today are not for the polio era but other modern illnesses. Just recently a new one was to be shipped abroad.

Most kids of today have never seen the inside of one. And I hope that they never have to see one. But those that have, they want others to understand that sleeping in a regular bed to them is not an option.

The music that pokes fun of the iron lung is not at all funny to those that use the lungs of today. The new era of vents and portable vents does not work for all cases and is actually not at all good for some. So the sound of the porta-lung’s moaning is music to the ears of a few. They know that while it is moaning, groaning and creaking it is keeping some one alive!

Never seen one? Well here is your chance to do so. http://www.robertbenjamin.com/Articles/scoliosis.htm

So next time some one ask you about the iron lung or the ‘new age porta-lung’ you can be better informed. Tell them it makes a different kind of music! It’s the music of life!

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