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Thinking On My Future Wedding Hairdo

I have long, naturally curly hair. When I get married I will wear it mostly down, with the top level pulled back loosely into a braid with flowers/ribbons/beadwork (whatever looks right) woven into the braid. I'll pull a few single curls out around my face. My "veil" will be a very light silk draped hood attached to a cloak/train. Silk doesn't frizz me up the way tulle or poly would.

For me, it's the styling products that are critical. If I use the wrong ones, it's a frizzy, fuzzy mess. If I use the right ones, it curls beautifully all over. My styling set is: Any detangling conditioner first. I comb my hair out with a detangler before I wash it or it won't get clean.

As soon as I get out of the shower, without towel drying, I add a little Frizz Ease hair serum. Then I lean over and blow the roots at my crown dry for just a moment or two (so the weight of my hair doesn't pull that part flat), then let the rest drip dry naturally.

I don't brush it, comb it or curl it after it's dry. If I want a smooth braid, I braid it wet. If I want a full braid with stray curls, I braid it when it's dry. For my wedding I will not braid it until it is completely dry.

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