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How To Do Hair In a French Braid

It might look complicated, but don't let that fool you: Learning how to do hair in a French braid is easier than you'd think. You want to start by brushing out all the tangles from your hair, then smooth your hair down with a mousse or holding gel. The mousse will help keep your hair in place while you work on it.

You will then take a section at the front of the hair where the bangs are or would be. This section should be from temple to temple (right above the ear line).

You'll want to separate this section into three parts, then start braiding the right section over the middle one. Since you don't want any hair slipping out of your grasp, hold on tight to the braid.

Now, you pull the left section over the middle section. When you're learning how to do hair in a French braid, you can keep a spritz bottle of water next to you in case the hair dries out some. Handling wet rather than dry hair is so much easier.

The next step is to use a comb to take a strip of hair from your head, on the left side. You'll be taking this strip of hair about an inch down from the temple. Then you will add it to the left section of the braid.

You will do the same on the right side of the head. Then, braid the right section of hair over the middle section. Then the left strip of hair needs to be braided over the middle section.

Keep on braiding and adding new sections of hair until you finally reach the bottom of your head. Finish up the braid by braiding the bottom or the loose part of the hair into a regular braid.

Use a ribbon or pony tail holder to tie the end of your hair. It's easy to learn how to do hair in a French braid if you practice.

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