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Dramatic Effects

Fiber optics, an invention that has provided many technological innovations, has also contributed to the aesthetics of interior décor. Light is channeled and dramatically altered to create breath-taking illuminated objects and luminescent illusions. Fiber optic lights combine glass or plastic fibers with a halogen or metal halide remote light source. Low wattage fiber optic is ideal for feature installations and displays. There is no electricity, heat, or ultraviolet radiation and is very sage to touch or even use in water. The light from the source refracts along the optic cables under the stars introduce this concept is a ‘star ceiling’. It can be used in a wide range of innovative lighting solutions like a backsplash next to a basin. Since a single light source can illuminate several different effects, it can prove economical.

Another advantage is that the fiber and end fittings can be sealed in place, as there is no need to access them to change bulbs. Thus, it is a practical application for concrete floors, in walls and risers. The ‘star cloth’ is a heavy black fabric embedded with end glow optical fibers and is a glittering backdrop to a space. Crystal end fittings add glitz and panache to this creative lighting. This exotic option can be used in bedroom, bathrooms, and around a dressing table mirror. Décor ornaments offer scope for fiber optic lighting as they can be lit from within to alter the aesthetic equation in a room. Statues, figurines, model house and artificial trees exude magic. Costs can range from a few hundreds to thousands according to the complexity of the system. Creating MoodsFiber optic lighting is the ultimate in flexibility. Since colors influence moods this option can be exercised fro mood altering lighting. Colors can be added to bath water, in Jacuzzis and spas enhancing the relaxing experience.

Wall washes in areas such as backlighting the headboard in bedrooms; under furniture in living rooms and soft lighting the curtains add interest. Gardens are made more inviting by introducing these lights in wooden decks, paving and pathways. Sometime the ‘star carpet’ that comes alive at the flick of a switch with a scattering of dense stars provides endless hours of fascination. Used in special areas of schools and hospitals it is beneficial to children with learning disabilities. This system of lighting has inspired designers to evolve some very creative décor items and installations that add magic like only manipulated illumination can. Varying from gurgling colored waterfalls to color changing chandeliers, fiber optics provides an exquisite effect in indoor spaces.

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