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  • Inno IFS-10 Splicer On Sale! and in Stock the New Fiber Master IFS-10 Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer New (DACAS) high-precision splicing system Complete Kit
    AAATesters.com, In-stock the New Inno Fiber Master IFS-10 Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer with New (DACAS) high-precision splicing system Complete Kit with VF-78 High Precision Fiber Cleaver currently the Best Fiber Splicer on the market both in Features and Value. Currently on Sale the IFS-10 with One and Two Year Warranty For pricing visit AAATesters.com or call PH: 855-AAA-TESTERS   Click For Price & Info     The Inn Read More...
  • Fiber Lasers
    Lasers with a semiconductor gain medium and a fiber cavity are called fiber lasers. Fiber lasers use fiber optics to create and deliver laser beams. Fiber lasers are highly useful for cutting, etching, welding, hybrid welding etc. They use optical fibers and these optical fibers work like a resonator cavity in the fiber lasers. Fiber laser technology provides a number of benefits to the user. Fiber lasers are basically maintenance free because th Read More...
  • Fiber Optic Transmitters
    A fiber optic transmitter is a device that converts an electrical analog or digital signal into a corresponding optical signal. It is one of the components of fiber optics technology that uses long flexible glass-like fibers (optical fibers) for transmitting light signals over long distances. The other two components of the fiber optic transmission system are the fiber optic cable and the optical receiver. Some systems also possess the optical r Read More...